You belonged in the library, as much as any book.

Margaret Rogerson


A Filipina bibliophile based in United Arab Emirates.

I was hoping you would not go and check this tab. Kidding! It’s just that I’m not quite sure how to introduce myself to people, not just as a reader but also as a person with life outside books; but here we go. I prefer lurking in the shadows of the world wide web and staying comfy at home, though I know there’s so much to learn from the great outdoors. I love binge watching Korean dramas and tv shows like Big Bang Theory, Games of Thrones and Orphan Black. If I’m not in front of the telly, I’m reading manga or webtoons or goofing around with my nephew. I’m also a fan of BTS and Red Velvet, that it is one of my ultimate dreams to watch them perform live.

What You Will Find Here?
  • Books I read, and wanted to read.
  • Still books…
  • And anything else I might fancy.